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Son, he said, Grab your things I've come to take you home

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Favorite ice cream
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Thinks you're ass is tight:yonoseporque
Wants to lick hot chocolate off you're body:raquel1073
Wonders how good you are in bed:vagrant37
Wishes you would screw him/her on the spot:quenischqueney
Is romatically in love with you:backtothemoon
Wishes you were gay so he/she could love you better:matchbookvinyl
Hopes you'll take him/her to great heights (wink wink nudge nudge):cruciblesunday
Day dreams about having sex with you 24/7:__wishfulsinful
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on a lighter note, kairos LXXXIV was awesome. T4 was definately the best table ever, and i love them so much. (Kev Endres, Joe Kapusnick, Alex Lebrun, Tom Quinn, Mike Wallace, Matt Wellenbach, and Mr. O'Brien) and then i love my other kairos bros & sisters from the other schools - joey kirk, caitlin nahASS, maura bradley, laur dooley and everyone elseee i dont feel like writing cuz im really sweaty and i gotta get ready for work. paceee.
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