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college fair was extremely depressing. i dont know why, but the only college I was actually impressed by and liked talking to the representative was University of South Carolina - Beaufort. which is depressing. fordham absolutely sucked- not impressive at all. as was fairfield. st. joe's was nice. nyu was pretty cool. wake forest was good as well. but other than that, it was a huge letdown (the fact that i now want to go to a southern college).

backtracking, ap lit exam was easy. dead actresses, people who dont follow through, effeminate cowboys, MagnaSoles (R), and poverty stricken starving kids- all strange yet interesting.

and in art today i started my poster. i think im going to title it "The Pope Died? Like, When Did THIS Happen?!". youd have to see the poster to understand it. its a masterpieceee about how horribly corrupt and fucked up our generation is.

why the hell do we have school on thursday? its not fair. but i have a french field trip right after morning mass so i will miss a majority of the day. we have to walk to the rodin museum, though, which i would have been totally cool with until someone was shot outside of the chemistry lab. getting shot while walking to the rodin museum for a field trip on ascension thursday would just be a sick and sad way to die.

on another note, i cant sleep whatsoever. i know- weird- right? sunday night i didnt fall asleep until around 5:30 (then having to wake up at 6:10) then yesterday night i fell asleep at 4. and im not even tired now.

tonight was fun though, cuz wesley came over, and ems is here. we went to pj whehilan's (sp?)and the waitress asked us if we wanted to play trivia. and we did, but we sucked. we named the 3rd largest island of connecticut as "Cindy Lauper" and put that the bartenders' names were "melanie, karamo, willie, shavonda, landon, MJ, and sarah" theres no doubt in my mind that we lost, but it was fun anyways. cept i did get one question right- "what is the most popular body part for kids under 18 to get altered through surgery?" i said nose. for good reason. and i was right.

possibly my favorite moment of last weekend though (which i have probably personally told all of you) was when laur and i dropped carrie off at home, and i was wearing a name tag that said "ivan". mrs. scott, who has met me several times before, been to my house, and has taken formal pictures of me and carrie, believed that i was carrie's new friend "ivan", and said i would make a great husband someday. then she said to carrie "carrie, i hate to say it, but ivan looks alot prettier than you do right now". to which carrie responded with "mom, ivan usually looks prettier than i do" which made me laugh. ivan is such a good-looking, confident, friendly (except for when he tells trevor 'suck it')and all around great person. i am so envious of him. too bad hes on a one-way flight back to croatia.

you know you should be in bed when you start splitting yourself into an alter ego. especially one from eastern europe.

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