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it was time for an update. plus i am on my third out of five (technically) free periods today. so i am frickin bored. and the computer lab is closed. has been for a while. (so i am therefore in the library). but i guess its good cuz thers no bitching and loud sophomores. i was re-promoted to shift manager again. and i get cool khaki-colored polo shirts now. cuz, basically, im the shit. as is laur. actually all of the shift managers are friggin awesome. me, dools, cammie, kristin, and taylor. and were all super-hot too. tonight rob is coming home with me. hoepfully we will be going to the king of prussia mall to partake in a scavenger hunt. that would be so friggin awesome- a scavenger hunt in that place. Im excited times twelve. katie better hook it up. and plus dools may come with us. which would make it even hotter. thats all for now kids.

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