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Oh those Wildwood days...

And then those party lights- the wild wild Wildwood nights

19 September
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im mike. 17. junior at saint joe's prep.
80's music, aerosmith, amanda peet, avalon nj, basement jaxx, ben stiller, benny benassi, bpm, british virgin islands, cheese steaks, chemical brothers, clone high, clubbing, coheed and cambria, cold stone, cuervo nation, daft punk, dance dance revolution, dance music, dandy warhols, dj louie devito, dj sammy, ecstasy, electronica, eurotrip, fallout boy, fast times @ridgemont high, felix da housecat, franka potente, franz ferdinand, gin and juice, green day, groove armada, guster, hollister, hoodies, hooking up, horror movies, hotel parties, house music, incubus, irish, italians, jason evert, jay-z, jimmy eat world, john cusack, junior jack, junior senior, kanye west, kelis, kurt vonnegut, las vegas, latin, lil kim, ludacris, making out, maroon 5, mase, mcdonalds, mixers, mock trial, morningwood, most extreme elimination challenge, mtv, mtv's fear, mtv's undressed, muse, my chemical romance, n.e.r.d., not another teen movie, ordinary people, outkast, panjabi mc, phantom planet, philadelphia eagles, philly, phoebe cates, pools, punk covers, punk rock, pusser's, raves, real world, red hot chili peppers, rilo kiley, road rules, rollercoasters, rooney, royksopp, run lola run, senses fail, ska, sleeping in late, ssx 3, st joes prep, stacey dash, sugarcult, swimming, taking back sunday, tall people, tarheels, techno, the beach at night, the clash, the crucible, the darkness, the format, the neptunes, the prep, the ramones, the sounds, the starting line, the system, trance, urban outfitters, us virgin islands, von bondies, weezer, x-ecutioners, xm radio, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard